LINKEDIN: Sign into LinkedIn and find your business with one click. Sinettica will help you work on the most professional platform out there. Bring your company and your managers to Linkedin today. Creation of professional and business profiles, staff training, marketing one-on-one, market analysis, groups presence management, expert advice on internationalization.

FACEBOOK: 600 million potential customers. Have you already found yours? All the best brands in the world have brought their business onto Facebook, the most popular website on the web. Professional pages creation with iFrames, advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads, networks creation for your company, technical support for your events, viral campaigns and buzz marketing.

TWITTER: Twitter gives voice to your company! Fly on the market at the speed of light. Keep up to date your customers around the world, monitor the market trends, study the moves of your competitors. Creation of customized pages, training on languages and ways of use, real-time updates on the trends of your market, campaigns and strategies of self-promotion.

YOUTUBE: Youtube is the third most visited site in the world! Sinettica helps you create and share your own original content, and get new leads without spending a dime. Creation of video content, viral campaigns, Youtube Advertising, brand reputation monitoring.

GOOGLE+: Google knows how, where and who’s talking about your brand on the network. We can help you monitor your reputation and build web and Search Engine Marketing campaigns.  Brand monitoring, Google analytics, Google Adwords and SEM, Corporate Google+ Training.

INSTAGRAM: Instagram is one of the most popular social networks! Sinettica helps you create and share your own original content and get new contacts. Account creation, authentic and performing images, expert advice on the corporate image and visual events.

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